Benidorm bashing or the truth ?

We all know what an annoyingly bad press Benidorm gets from British newspapers and this time it seems to be the turn of the Daily Mirror.

It seems they have done an investigation into the behaviour of older Brits in the town and have found evidence of then having marathon drinks, drugs and sex sessions. They say that the generation who enjoyed Club 18-30 holidays in the 70s and 80s are reliving their party exploits in increasing numbers.

They use an example of a dinner lady from Yorkshire in her late 50s who boasted to them about smuggling in cocaine in her inhaler whilst wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with “Coke Whore”. It seems she told the Mirror “It’s easy, nobody thinks to check the tube of the inhaler amongst my other pills, although drugs are cheap here, to be fair”.

The investigator said it was easy to obtain drugs as cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy were on offer throughout the day and it was not unusual to be offered drugs whilst out for lunch or simply having a stroll along the seafront.

They state that their reporters watched on as carefree older Brits played bingo in the afternoon, travelling around on their two seater mobility scooters and partying into the night in the “infamous” English Square. Reportedly, a 66 year old tourist called Betty told them “You have everything you could want, here – sun, sea and booze. If you can make it over why would you ever leave? People love it!”.

The Daily Mirror then goes on the mention several venues in Benidorm where they allege drugs, prostitution and sex shows were readily available. They talk about strip shows at the end of the Calle Gerona ‘where Brits congregate to get drunk at night’ and where they were repeatedly offered sex by eastern European hookers in a back alley for 60 euros whilst police and locals studiously ignored them.

The article goes on to warn of the dangers of pickpockets hiding in murky nightclubs and alleys.

When are the British press going to tell people about the lovely parts of our town? or the truth ? It seems that the British press forget about there own back yards , I remember seeing a TV programme by the Hotel Inspector, Alex Polizzi, who admitted it was her first trip to Benidorm and apologised for having the totally wrong mindset about it.

All I can say is I’ll watch my mother like a hawk next time she comes to visit!


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