Benidorm Police face criticism from family of missing man

Philp Pearce, 68 years old, has been missing since September 10th. He was last seen at Benidorm Police Station on this date, and family are now demanding answers as to why he was let go.

The Bridgewater man was taken to the station after he presumably became lost while on holiday – he was known to exhibit signs of early-onset dementia.

But in a shocking email from the British Consulate this week, there are suggestions of a breach of duty of care.

The official text reveals the pensioner had clearly told Policía Nacional he ‘did not remember where he was staying’ nor even where he was from in England. The consulate email also stated Philip was carrying neither his passport nor his wallet when he was taken by a stranger to the station in the Old Town just after midnight, as CCTV footage confirms.

There is no reason that shows why he was allowed to leave the station and the family say that the police are not answering their questions.

Philip was known to be suffering from the early signs of dementia, but was ‘happy and smiling’ when he left for Alicante with a friend and travelling partner. He then left his Playa Levante hotel at 5.30pm on September 9 to buy cigarettes before he lost his bearings and was taken to police.

The family have hit back at the police saying that nothing is being done to find their loved one.

A Policía Nacional spokesman claimed ‘helicopters’ had been scrambled to search for Philip on various Benidorm hillsides.

However, he failed to answer questions about the exact details of his release from the station or whether sniffer dogs and ground searches had been deployed or would be soon.


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