Benidorm’s Twin Towers Still Under Threat

Gemolos 28 tower block stand next to Levante beach, but have been the subject of a battle for a few years now.  A change in legalisation means that the buildings no longer comply with regulations and there is currently a demolition order in place.

The current order to knock them down has faced a number of criticisms– firstly, the Supreme Court’s decision would mean having to demolish the twin tower manually, floor-by-floor, which could result in some of the rubble ending up in the sea and affecting an area of posidonia oceanica Mediterranean seagrass.

In addition, it will mean huge costs to the public, estimated at more than 100 million euros to tear the buildings down – and on top of that would be compensation to the apartment owners, which is usually the cost of the apartment plus 20%, no small amounts of money.

After a report from the municipal secretary, the council now believe that they should be heavily involved with proceedings.

The report claimed that any party which sees themselves as “materially affected” by a ruling can participate. As the demolition would notably affect Benidorm and it’s tourism, the council have vowed to be involved with the decisions going forward.


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