Man Saves Girl on the Plane Going Home

Jordan Lowrie, aged 25, had been on a boys’ holiday in Benidorm. They had all had a really good time and on their last night had a night on the town.

On his Ryanair flight the next day he was having forty winks to sleep it off when he was woken by panicked voices. Sitting next to him was a four-year-old girl, also returning from her holiday. He saw the man next to her hitting her on the chest and back and shouting “She’s not breathing!”.

Jordan realised immediately that she was choking on a sweet she had swallowed and sprang into action. He pushed the man (who turned out to be her father) off the girl and thanked goodness he knew exactly what to do as he had recently seen a video which had gone viral and showed two restaurant waiters saving a man whose food had become trapped in his oesophagus by grabbing the diner from behind and making a fist to press sharply on his stomach to dislodge the food. This is known as the Heimlich manoeuvre and is taught in all first aid courses.

Jordan performed the manoeuvre and immediately saw that she spat out a mint which had been firmly lodged in her throat. He could not believe what had happened and sat back down in his seat, absolutely stunned.

The extremely grateful girl’s mother later put on Twitter “I just can’t thank you enough for stepping in and saving my daughter’s life on the ‘plane. I owe you my absolute life. You are my hero!”.

But Jordan, who is a docker and was travelling home to Netherfield in Teesside, is a very modest hero. He said “It was like the old cliché – nothing really went through my head, I just shot up, did it and sat back down. Although I have to admit I was shaking afterwards!”.

Well done, Jordan!


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