Private Plane Causes Chaos at Alicante Airport


A private plane from Amsterdam had an accident when landing at the Alicante-Elche airport and skidded off the runway just before 2pm in the afternoon on 30th May. Although police sources initially indicated that four people had been slightly injured, it's now confirmed that the private plane only carried two people and both were unharmed.

The speculation about the causes of the accident have been everything from a blowout on a wheel to a brake failure. The airport activated the security protocol and was closed for most of the remainder of the day, causing chaos for hundreds of travelers. Twenty flights were diverted to Valencia, Murcia and Barcelona and several flights weren't able to take off from El Altet due to the accident.

The closure of air traffic meant even passengers who were already on board had to be disembarked until the landing and take-off of aircrafts was authorized again.

The private jet was removed by a crane to speed up the process so that normality could resume as early as possible.


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