The 'Resident Zone' of Benidorm adds a hundred new places in the centre

The parking areas exclusively for residents adds, from May 6th, ”about a hundred new spaces in the Centre", as announced by the councillor of Mobility, José Ramón González de Zárate. Specifically, the streets that will be converted into 'Residents' Zones’ are Sant Andreu, Los Tulipanes, L'Almadrava, Del Vent, Dels Pescadors, and the Puig Campana stretch between Maravall and Rosal.De Zárate said that these parking spaces for residents will be added to those already operational in the city centre in the area between Limones Street and the Crossing, thus reaching about 300 spaces of this type in the central area of Benidorm. The central area will now include places for residents, free places, blue zones, three public car parks (Tomás Ortuño, Mercado and Aigüera) and several private ones, thus offering parking for non-residents, tourists and people registered in other locations.

With the creation of these places for residents announced there are now around 2,300 in the Centre,Colonia Madrid-Foietes and the Rincón de Loix. De Zárate stated that when implementing new streets for ‘Residents’ Zones’: "We are ensuring municipal criteria and are taking into account the demand for citizenship and data on housing and mobility for each neighbourhood." The forecast, he pointed out, is "little by little to incorporate new 'Resident Zones' throughout the city, according to the technical criteria."

De Zárate reminds us that in order to park in the ‘Residents' Zones' it is necessary to obtain the specific adhesive card, which must be placed on the windshield. To access this card you only have to be registered in Benidorm, be the owner of a small van or car and pay the vehicle tax in the city.

The cards will continue to be processed at the administrative extension of Colonia Madrid, located on Avenida de Beniardá 17. Until the 30th they will also open in the afternoons from 5pm to 8pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. In addition, from May 2, cards will be processed each morning on the fourth floor of City Hall, in the Urban Scene department. Any questions or queries can be sent to the

The councillor has also considered 'Resident B’ numbers, which include companies with tax domicile in Benidorm.  From May 2 the council will begin to process the cards so that these company vehicles can park in 'Resident Zones' with the same conditions. In order to obtain this card, companies must pay the city circulation tax (IVTM) of those vehicles and prove their fiscal domicile in Benidorm.

On the other hand, De Zárate has reported that the Local Police are ensuring the  proper use and operation of the 'Resident Zones'. Thus, "they have already found more than 300 vehicles parked in 'Resident Zones' without authorisation."


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