Town hall implements new rules in booking Levante beach plots

There has been controversy this week amongst residents and tourists with the new booking system used by Benidorm local council to allocate spacing areas and time slots for use of Benidorm’s Levante Beach.


Benidorm introduced an online booking system that has been subject to recent criticism when trying to book.  Complaints have been received with people logging onto the system and allocated time slots available with no spaces available for the day.  However, upon inspection of the beach there has been plenty of empty boxes leading to allegations of plot hogging where people are booking for the whole day to reserve the spot only for them to attend for a few hours a day.


The townhall has now agreed that if the booker does access their booked area on the beach in the first two hours, they will cancel the reservation and the booked area will be released 15 minutes later.  This area can then be reserved at the beach on the authorised entrance and access points.


In other words, if a user has reserved a space to go to this beach for the full day of the morning shift (which starts at 9:00 a.m. when the beach opens), they will have to enter it before 11:00 a.m. If not, your space will be "freed". In the case of the afternoon shift, an additional half hour is given, and the deadline will be 17.30 (this shift starts at 15.00). or your space will be cancelled.


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