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El equipo de desarrollo de FLdigi dirigido por W1HKJ ha anunciado el lanzamiento de Flrig v1.4.8. Flrig es un programa de control de transceptor diseñado para ser utilizado de forma independiente o como complemento de Fldigi.

Al igual que con toda la suite FL, Flrig admite procesadores PowerPC, Intel (i386) y Apple Silicon (M1) con descargas individuales disponibles para cada arquitectura. Descarga la última versión de Flrig aquí.

Version 1.4.8 maintenance release

    Remove K4 debug lines    
      * remove debug lines from file K4.cxx

    Window decoration    
      * bug fix

    PTT via xmlrpc    
      * allow immediate response to PTT request for
        impatient clients

    FC LEAVE event    
      * modify LEAVE event behavior

    socket address    
      * change to allow LAN connect on winders


    thread priority

      * add command line paramater '--iconify' to start flrig
        iconified to desktop status bar

    Rescale dialogs
      * add fltk 1.4 compatible rescale capability

    fltk 1.4 update    
      * change position to input_position for text widgets

    cwio timing   
      * test alternate time-of-day methods

      * clean up compiler warnings

      * update for compatabilit with fltk-1.4

    Morse table    
      * corect Morse table entry for double quote

    xmlrpc cwio ptt    
      * re-enable cwio_send 0/1

    K3 BW command    
      * implement BW set/get for both vfoA and vfoB

      * correct max allowable frequency

    Icom 705    
      * correct max frequency allowable

    GCC 13    
      * gcc change which is incompatible with prior versions
        of the compiler.  Thank you gcc maintainers.

    QDX Version 1.06    
      * update methods to firmware >= 1.06

    TS570 smeter   
      * correct smeter cat string parser

    Flex 1500 U/L filter   
      * add upper/lower filter controls similar to SunSDR2

    Window Decoration Icon   
      * Fix Fltk transpareny bug for flrig icon.

    Yaesu vfo    
      * change 1.25 scaling to 10.0 for get/set frequency

    Get/Set preamp/att    
      * changed get/set/display paradigm for preamp attenuator
        . Icom transcivers
        . Elecraft transceivers
        . Kenwood transceivers
        . SunSDR2 Dx/Pro
        . Xiegu transceivers
        . Yaesu transceivers
        . Flex transceivers
        . TenTec transceivers

    SunSDR2 PBT  
      * Add INNER, OUTER controls for bandwidth adjustment

    PCR1000 dsp  
      * add DSP control commands / UI elements

    Combo visibility  
      * force first row to be visibile when pop up list has 2 or less

    serial guardlock   
      * remove serial guardlock from all functions called by
        an Fl::awake callback.  Fl::awake(...) should only be
        used to update the UI.
        . caused K4 control to lock up during close down process
        . modify methods:
          to allow latter to be called from within an Fl::awake(...)

    Add IC751 ICR71  
      * new rigs

    Button logic   
      * change IC7300 logic for button states:
        . preamp
        . attenuator
      * change polling logic for all transceivers

      * Separate PBT selection from IF Shift configuration

    xmlrpc get vfo  
      * change UI / xmlrpc clients to all have equal probability
        of access to the serial i/o.  UI polling was locking out
        client requests and causing some to time out.

      * reduce size of Meters group when power out and Vcc metering
        is not available.

    PBT xmlrpc interface    
      * Add get_pbt set_pbt xmlrpc interface methods
        . get_pbt, get_pbt_inner, get_pbt_outer
        . set_pbt, set_pbt_inner, set_pbt_outer

    QDX adj    
      * correct tcxo freq adjust algorithm

    Deactivate Meters    
      * deactive meter if control not available in specific transceiver

    Icom pbt controls    
      * add code to initialize pbt to saved values
      * remove if_shift from all Icom transceivers

    Bandwidth update    
      * correct bandwidth update logic
        . UI was not following xmlrpc bw changes

    MinGW warnings    
      * change code to remove compiler warnings

    Multiple monitor    
      * change to support multiple monitors

    Xmlrpc seg fault    
      * close down seg fault on Windows

    Power SDR update    
      * Add AGC controls
      * Fix ZZNR command

    Meters dialog
      * save and restore position and shown state of meters dialog

      * add initialization delay to allow xcvr to complete it's init

    RHEL 7 build  
      * add #include <stdint.h> to WSclient.h

    Xiegu rigs  
      * correct smeter, swr meter conversions
        . G90, 5105

    FTdx1200 write delay   
      * change default for FTdx1200 to 5 msec
      * add multiple attempts to check method
      * disable reading old prefs timing values

    FTdx10 FA/FB  
      * change ascii string to long long int conversion

    FTdx101D power display  
      * correct power display and get processing

    FTdx10 meters   
      * correct logic for converting RM and SM responses
        to UI metering

      * add eeprom bit test for vfo status A/B before sending
        command to switch vfo.

      * tune status fix

      * add backend for QDX transceiver

    icom save  upper/lower   
      * upper/lower not being restored on program restart

      * rewrite of several methods using switch code block
      * corrected mismatch of replystr length
      * added get/set trace statements
      * added tests to prevent out-of-bounds array access
      * added get set squelch
      * added get set auto notch

    SunSDR Pro/DX   
      * Add individual support for Expert SunSDR Pro / DX xcvrs
        using TCI interface code

    Slider Widget Focus  
      * add focus test to handler

    Lower/Upper display    
      * fix H/L display
      * fix bandwidth control update upon changing mode

    Icom swap flag    
      * enable 7851 & 7300 canswap flag.

    Fixes for IC-7610 Extra Controls - Band Tab  
      * IC-7610 Extra Controls - Band Tab -
        Fixes for band selection and register store functions
      * Add documentation of this feature

    Address compiler warning messages  
      * Eliminate winsock.h inclusion by ensuring winsock2.h
        is included before windows.h.
      * Use "" rather than <> for config.h as convention
        to indicate an fl* include rather than a system include
        and reduce the potential for inadvertent inclusion of
        system file with the same name.
      * trusdx 'check' function fix
      * serial.cxx - trace function reporting in seconds
        rather than milliseconds
      * rigbase waitN and waitChar - aligned these and functions
        they call to consistently use 'int' rather than mix
        of 'int' and 'size_t'.
      * Fixed type mismatch in alpha and Ucase compares
        in combo.cxx

    Remove FC focus throws from Elecraft rig UIs    
      * With the change in the Frequency Control design, no longer
        want to explicitly throw focus to FCs following vfo swap

    ULL Data Type Changes 
      * Updated four occurrences of old frequency datatype to
        unsigned long long; this fixes the mishandling of freqs
        greater than 2 GHz in the serial loop.

    UI - Frequency Control behavior  
      * Made FC behavior consistent across flapps
      * Prevent unintended focus assumption by FC when flrig
        application does not have focus and mouse transits FreqControl
      * Restore focus to main flrig window upon FC focus release
      * Changed freq data types to ULL to support higher max freq
      * Mouse cursor over digit
        . Left/Right Click to incr/decr digit by one
        . Hold L/R Click for repeat (digit reverses colors)
        . Middle Mouse click: paste from clipboard
        . SHIFT Left Click to set focus - colors reverse - then:
          - R/L arrow +/- (3-dp); w/SHIFT (4-dp); w/CTRL (5-dp)
          - U/D arrow +/- (6-dp); w/SHIFT (7-dp); w/CTRL (8-dp)
          - Pg U/D    +/- (9-dp); w/SHIFT (10-dp); w/CTRL (11-dp)
          - L/R mouse click (hold for rpt) in top/bot half of digit
          - Ctrl/Meta-v: paste from clipboard
          - Enter frequency with number keys or Keypad
            (decimal point blinks once entry has started)
            . BSP/Ctrl-BSP erase last digit/all digits entered
            . ENTER to confirm, send to rig, release focus
            . ESC to abort, revert to previous value, release focus

    User Interface - Frequency Control  
      * Operating refinements
      * Standardization across fl* apps

    ICOM IC-7610 PBT Slider fixes    
      * Changing inner or outer passband tuning via slider
        control will cause crash-to-desktop if 'set' commands
        are being traced; applies only to IC-7610.
      * Don't send PBT commands to both inner and outer
        unless 'lock' is set

    BW UI Updates    
      * Correct bandwidth display logic when BW change is
        directed from xmlrpc server

    byte interval    
      * remove extraneous code from tcpip i/o functions
      * assign byte_interval to single use for pacing
        serial tty output (if required)

      * correct generic KENWOOD rig methods
      * correct TS870S get bandwidth methods

    message icon    
      * test for void parent

    PowerSDR bug    
      * missing replystr length test
      * changed mingw implementation of Cserial::ReadBuffer method
        to read multiple characters, up to maximum requested, from
        the library function readfile(...)
      * changed timeout parameter in mingw Cserial::ReadBuffer method
      * fixed get bwB coding error

    pcr1000 mod    
      * add change baud 9600 to 38400 immediately after startup
      * remove wait for response from CAT commands sans response

      * changes to basic serial i/o class
        . added set_attributes and ability to change baud, DCR, DTR,
          CTSRTS and StopBits after port is opened
      * changed readbuffer loop to avoid cpu capture if user
        changes xcvr baudrate while connected to flrig, or serial
        port h/w fails (RFI or otherwise)
      * changes to various rigbase functions
      * remove unnecessary delays in serial i/o
      * change timeout processing for readbuffer
      * improved serial i/o tracing
      * move setting timeouts to within loop just before reading the
      * add verbose trace statements to serial.cxx
      * change timing and timed reports to microsecond precision
      * add command line parameter to set SERIALDEBUG
      * modify WriteBuffer (serial i/o) to simulate hamlib
        serial implementation of write_delay and post_write_delay
          . change byte_interval to write_delay
          . change comm_wait to post_write_delay
      * read and convert original timeouts to new serial_xxx values

      * add hide tabs dialog if left open on shut down.

    Trace macros    
      * correct sett trace macro

    FTdx10 autostart    
      * modify autostart method for reliable behavior

      * corrected sort method
      * additional changes to add method

    User Interface - Combobox fixes    
      * Fixed several edge case behaviors with Combobox widgets

      * add backend class for (tr)uSDX transceiver

    ftdx10 notch    
      * update to set/get notch ON/OFF/Value methods

    seg fault fix    
      * in std::string printXCVR_STATE(XCVR_STATE data)

    Smeter/Freq poll    
      * add poll inhibit for smeter and freq

      * correct set notch logic
      * fix autostart
      * fix cw tone ON upon initial CAT start
      * enable date/time synch with PC

      * correct x25 x26 freq mode get/set CAT strings

    Add K4 transceiver    
      * add transceiver class for Elecraft K4

    TS 590 S/SG AM data mode    
      * add data mode

    Version 1.4.7    
      * Maintenance release

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