Beach Fears Amongst Tourists on the Costa Blanca


In June three beaches were closed temporarily in the Costa Blanca holiday resort of Benidorm after seven people were stung by Portuguese Man O’War and two of the jellyfish-like creatures were spotted.

The first was found at Mal Pas beach, a little cove between the town’s main beaches, and the second was found at the popular Levante beach.

The stings the bathers suffered were said to have been “minor”, although five of the seven people were taken to hospital.

Earlier that month a woman was left with excruciating marks all over her body after being stung by one of the creatures.

But they aren’t the only creatures to be causing injury to holiday makers down the coast.

A 4-year-old Spanish lady was injured last week less than an hour from Benidorm, at El Rebollo beach in Elche. The fish to be blamed has been named as the ‘Bluefish’.


 Doctors had to put a plaster cast on her leg up to the knee after she went to hospital and she spent the last day of her holiday on crutches.


The husband of the injured woman, who is from Valladolid in northern Spain but has not been named, told a local paper “She suddenly felt great pain and the yell she let out frightened us all.

“The skin on her foot had been torn and she was bleeding heavily. She said she felt like she’d been trapped in a snare.

“They didn’t operate on her but almost. A tendon in her foot was partially severed.

“If it had been my five-old-year son or another child instead of my wife, they would have lost part of their foot.”

Bluefish are aggressive and have been known to inflict severe bites on fishermen.

They commonly range in size from seven-inch ‘snappers’ to much larger, sometimes weighing as much as 40lbs in exceptional cases.


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