Clampdown on Unruly tourists??


Some Britons could be banned from Benidorm if they are found to be drunk and disorderly, and could be put on a Benidorm blacklist.

Benidorm could soon implement a ban on rowdy Britons in the holiday hotspot. The resort, loved by many for sea, sand and almost guaranteed sunshine, has come under the radar from authorities concerned by the behaviour of travellers, according to the Daily Star. The publication reports authorities in Spain are are sending a blacklist of troublemakers to particular bars and restaurants, which could result in a ban for those boozy travellers.

It remains to be seen whether authorities will implement the suggestions, which will offer venues extra protection from any disruption.

Entertainer Gary Beddow Brown told the publication the move would be welcomed by people living and working on the Costa Blanca.

He told us: “It’s a good idea. Some tourists leave their brains at home and think they can get away with anything while abroad, usually something they wouldn’t consider doing at home. I’m all for a blacklist – people need to be held accountable. Why should local businesses be out of pocket for damage caused by people with no regard for others?”.

Earlier this year, the Daily Express reported that travellers were flocking to the seaside resort in an attempt to get away from the current Brexit turmoil. Occupancy in hotels was up and figures from Hostec showed that 42.7 per cent of tourists came from the UK, although a whopping 23 per cent of bookings were sparked solely by the TV show of the same name.

One in five Brits who were surveyed confessed the sole reason for venturing to Benidorm was due to watching the series set in the resort, which features hilarious actors Sherrie Hewson and Tim Healy.

Hotels in Benidorm show an occupancy rate of 82.7 percent ending in March, compared to 80.6 percent for the same period last year.


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