Scotland places Spain back on the quarantine list with fears it will prompt the remainder of the UK to follow.

The British government is preparing to announce that all travellers from Spain arriving in the UK after midnight (23:00 GMT) on Saturday will need to remain in quarantine for two weeks if they are infected with coronavirus, according to the newspaper. Sunday Times.

"The second wave of Covid-19 has led to the decision to remove Spain from the list of safe countries," the newspaper's chief of policy, Tim Shipman, said on Twitter.

There has been no official information releases from the British foreign office at this time.

The news will be a massive blow to Benidorm businesses who waiting for UK tourists to return.

The Scottish government has pointed to that measure in a statement: "Spain will be removed from the list of safe countries exempted from quarantine requirements due to an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in recent days", has indicated.

British mainstream media are reporting a total quarantine for the UK but Scotland is the only country to confirm as yet.

The British Health Minister had not immediately commented on the information, according to Reuters.


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